Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th

it's a big day for the residents of 608 Fern St. today we move out of our casa and stay with some friends for a handful of days. today was my last day at my work, where i worked for almost 2 years. today is the end of april and getting ready to begin may! 14 days till we leave. are we ready? are we in shape? are we? are we? we'll have to wait and see...

Friday, April 23, 2010


so this past week we have been interviewed for some newspaper articles, let me catch you up on them. the idaho press tribune is going to do a story on us as well as nnu's school newspaper, the crusader; while on the trip i'm going to be writing little blurbs for the boise weekly too. today, a great travel website that i follow, Matador Travel, came out with a photo essay about people who have quit there jobs and are pursuing an adventure. it's great to get so much press and a way for people to hear what we will be doing here soon. if you want to check out the photo essay you can find it here: Ditching the Cubicle to follow your Dreams

this next week is my last week at work, next week is also when we are moving out of our house, so it's going to be pretty busy here. 20 days until we leave! got some extra bolts and parts today just in case something happens we'll have extra parts. awesome possum people!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

more news is great news!

today we got a donation from Mission Skincare of sunscreen to keep our pasty bodies safe from the sun while on the road. such a blessing since Evan just e-mailed them late last night. also today i heard back from the Boise Weekly (a pretty sweet newspaper in Idaho) that they want me to write an article while on the road about our adventure! also today and the past couple days, we got some great donations to our American Cancer fund! we are up to $900!!!!!!!! thats great since we haven't even left yet!

p.s. don't get burned people; wear sunscreen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't know if this seems real to you readers, but it sure doesn't seem real to me. i know that evan and i are super pumped though. ordered the last of our gear and going to set it all out and pack up to see our situation. hope you like our new picture at the top, specially made for this site. we are in talks with a writer from, they want to do a little article about our trip which would be great. evan is emailing sun screen companies to see if they'd like to donate some sunscreen to us for our trip and i am in contact with newspapers from alaska, california, michigan, and idaho to get the word out. lots going on. hopefully some pics or video or something to entertain you folks. i'll talk to evan about it.

p.s. evan is going to actually do all the biking while i stay in the back of our "bamper" (bike-camper).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Help us during our trip

Well hello!

Starting May 14th, two young men embark on an adventure across America to help raise support for the American Cancer Society! Who are these young men you may ask?

Evan Chaney – From Sunnyvale, California, a social work major at NNU, and one crazy guy; he is truly one of a kind. He is passionate about biking, camping, meeting people, and creating wild stories!

Alex Hackett – From Wasilla, Alaska, a recent graduate in TV/Film, a jokster, and an adventurous guy. He is passionate about filmmaking, hiking, traveling, and learning about other people and their cultures.

These two are biking from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA this summer in hope to raise donations for the American Cancer Society and to inspire others to get out and live a full and meaningful life!

How can you help? Well there are handful of ways you can support this journey; you can donate to their American Cancer Society account, tell all of your friends and family about this endeavor, pray for them, give food gift cards to help feed them on their trip, or even hook them up with a place to stay for an evening. I’m sure there are other ways and they’re wiling to receive whatever you can spare.

This is a personal journey for both Evan and Alex who will be riding in memory of their mom’s, Marie Chaney and Pam Hackett, who both passed away from cancer. Both were very special ladies in their lives and they hope that this ride will help to reflect on their memories and encourage others to live life to its fullest and to remember your loved ones.

Thanks for your time and support.

Alex & Evan

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello hello.

37 days and counting folks! we're getting super pumped about our adventure. gone through our gear list and there are some things we still need to pick up but will post the list soon so you can all check it over like Santa and let us know if we forgot something, we probably did, or we're not wanting to take it because we don't want to carry a lot of stuff. ha! alright, we have Tyler, from Welshimer Wheels, going over our bikes at the moment which is great! he's been a huge help for us. thank you Tyler. going to be sending out a bunch of e-mails to friends and family with a little blurb about who we are, what we are going to be doing, and some ways you can help/support; so be on the lookout and if you don't get the e-mail send me a comment and pass it on to a friend! this past week i gave my notice at work and they were very supportive and excited for Evan and I on this journey so my last day is April 30th.

alright back to what the post is really about, the budget. so i worked up an estimated budget for us and here it goes:

Food: $20 a day x 70 days = $1400
Lodging: $300
Misc/Emergency: $300
Amtrack ticket back to San Francisco: $230
                Total: $2230 +/-

we are planning on camping, couchsurfing, and staying with friends of friends, churches, and where ever else that will take us in but we are wanting to try and not pay for lodging to save some money and we're young bucks. food! everything i've read says, "eat whatever you want, whenever!" i love it but we're hoping to buy food wisely and prepare meals to keep it cheap. i know things will come up during the trip and that's what the misc/emergency part is for. i hope we don't run into anything major so that's what we're thinking there. if you have any ideas, suggestions, or advice we're listening.

until next time!