Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bros on Bikes

Last night I went into the Flying M (my normal coffee shop) and saw two road bikes with B.O.B trailers and new that these were no ordinary bikes or people. I walked in and saw my friend, Blake, sitting at a table with two guys wearing full on cycling gear. I was like a giggly school boy because I knew these two bi-wheel nomads were touring and I was filled with a rush of emotions and excitement from my cross country bike trip and I just had to chat with them.

They were great guys, Devon and Roberto, shared lots of wonderful stories of my tour and the tour they were on, as well as, this upcoming one we'll be embarking on August 16th. it just got me so jazzed to talk with them, see their setups, and hear the craziness, generosity, and beauty they have encountered and will continue to encounter. It was probably somewhere after 9pm and they were trying to wait out the heat and just go 20-30 miles today. They invited Blake and I to ride with them a ways and we happily accepted!

Since we were going to be riding past my house, I decided to stop in and grab them some honey and trailmix which I knew would be welcomed essentials. I have been so grateful for the wonderful generosity and kindness that I have been on the receiving end and wanted to give something. They were pumped and we rode out through town on farm roads until we ultimately needed to hop onto the highway. This is where we parted ways. Goodbyes, good lucks, and promises of checking blogs and instagrams, and finally the hugs and handshakes. Blake and I watched as Devon and Roberto crossed the road and nestled into the shoulder of the road and were off. As Blake and I rode back to Nampa, we were filled with excitement for Devon and Roberto, as well as, for ourselves because in less than a month we'd be in their shoes and no better shoes to be in. If you are interested in following them in their journey, I attached a link to their blog below.

Bros On Bikes