Sunday, September 21, 2014

Northern Idaho Weekender Prep

Gonna be going on a 3 day tour up in Northern Idaho on a rails-to-trails/dirt road hybrid route. The above picture is basically the route except it's missing the connecting route from St. Mary's to the green arrow to form a loop. Should be a fun trip with my new friends, Paul & Lindsay, Eric, & Hope.

One of the rails-to-trails is the Route of the Hiawatha which consists of 11 tunnels and 9 high trestles in just 46 miles.

Paul did all the planning which was nice since I wanted to do a couple of the routes but didn't want to have to plan something. I'm excited to see the fall colors, go through the tunnels, and see what wild life will be visible. Planning on just doing a similar setup as the PCH trip with a rear rack with panniers, bungie my sleeping bag and sleeping pad, then having my front rack with a food bag, tarp, and tent. Haven't done much riding besides commuting so we'll see how my body fares. Might try and do a loaded ride around Lake Lowell this week if I have time. Will do a gear list and picture, as well as, a loaded bike pic. Until then.

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