Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Travel is glamorous, only in retrospect." - Paul Theroux

For some reason after we left the Big Sur area, it doesn't seem like we have been doing much. Yes, we are still biking but we are ahead of schedule so we are spreading out our days into smaller days so we don't get into San Diego too early and have all this extra time there before we head back to our respective homes.

San Luis Obispo was a nice time seeing some of Evan's friends and making new ones. While we were there we got to go to a concert one evening and the rest of the time we just sat around, read, are oranges, and walked around downtown, nothing too exciting.

Had a short day biking to Pismo Beach, a whopping 14 miles I think. I will say we spent most of our time on the pier mesmerized by the surfers and body borders. The waves seemed pretty nice (WARNING: I'm not a wave expert). 

The sunset was probably the best I have seen on the whole trip actually; out of all the places. It was super clear out and perhaps because I was literally sitting there watching it slowly droop under the horizon was why it left such a lasting impression. I loved the golden shimmer that spewed from the blown out sun and then golden turned to a pumpkin to a red tinge then finally bowing itself completely and leaving a painters pallet of colors to scatter in those final moments before the blues morphed themselves into blacks. 'Twas quite the transformation in a matter of minutes. Quite wonderful.

That evening we spent it eating food, playing cards, trying to do card tricks, and swapping stories at a friend of a friend's place. 

The next day we cruised through 44 miles in 3hrs and some change which was pretty crazy. Passing through more big ag land. Actually there was a part that I hollered to Evan saying that this section reminds me of the Nampa area. On our right were some desert mountains, copious amounts of farm land spread through a valley, and then off to the left were foothills like towards Boise. It was a nice nostalgic feeling. 

We arrived at our Couchsurfing host's house to a key under the mat; we cleaned up, read, then headed to the booming downtown of Lompoc. After eating some delicious Thai food, we nestled into a coffee shop (that has nothing on the Flying M) to read and watch hockey on our iPhones er, or iPod touch for Ev.

As I mentioned, nothing super exciting but something nonetheless.

"Travel is glamorous, only in retrospect." - Paul Theroux

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