Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some say we won't leave the Bay

After a week of being in the Bay Area, we are finally getting back on the road tomorrow. Our time has been filled with hanging out with friends (Tom, Lexa, etc), going to movies (Don Jon, Blue Jasmine, Gravity), art museum (San Jose Museum of Art), oktoberfests, gaming, finishing breaking bad, running errands, and lounging. Doing a lot of lounging.

We constantly joke about how we are gaining weight on this trip and it could be starting here in the bay. Been enjoying some great food and haven't touched our bikes. Nothing like having 2 weeks off at the farm, bike two days, then off for another week; our bodies our going to be upset with is soon.

It feels like we are finished with the trip so that has been a weird feeling to get around since we have a couple weeks of straight cycling left. Luckily our first day back on the bikes shouldn't be real bad heading to Monterey.




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